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Rubbish Clearance Prices

The prices below are a guide to help give you an idea on costing and give you a figure to work with when deciding on how much it will cost to clear that house, garage or flat.

Please note that no two houses, flats or garages are the same. You could have a studio flat that has more rubbish and furniture than a 2 bedroom flat.

Prices for complete clearance of the following start at:

Truck Load Bags Capacity Clearance Comparison Price
1/4 Load 30-40 3 Beds & Mattress, 2 Seater Sofa £170 ex VAT
1/2 Load 60-80 Half a Garage £250 ex VAT
3/4 Load 100-120 Complete Studio Flat Clearance £350 ex VAT
Full Load 140-160 1-2 Bedroom Flat or House Clearance £400 ex VAT

We recommend you give us a call or email us some details of the clearance to get a more accurate quote and to discuss your needs/requirements.

For an office clearance quote please give us a call.

If you have a house with a garage, loft and/or shed that needs clearing as well, please contact us for a more accurate quote, tailored to your needs.

Please email us your requirements at info@emlocalwasteclearance.co.uk

If you need some advice regarding a clearance because you are not too sure what type of clearance is needed, if the property isn’t that full with large items or the property is really cluttered then please email us at info@emlocalwasteclearance.co.uk or call us on the following numbers : 02035190054 or free phone at 08009101714.

Please note the prices above are an average price guide to give you an idea of the type of clearance required and what it costs for that type of clearance.

Please don’t be phased if a property is so messy and cluttered that you can’t even get into the front door, or you have to climb over the clutter to get in the room; we have seen it all and cleared many properties like this that can take a good few days to clear.

We can give you a quick quotation or estimate if you can do the following.

Email us a list of the large items and some details of the state the property is in.

Take pictures from the door way of each room with the items in the rooms so we can work out volume, labour and time to clear the property.

Alternatively we could arrange a site visit. Call us on 02035190054 for a free quotation.

Click here to head over to our quotation form.

House Clearances London

There are many reasons why you may need to call us from untidy tenants to a messy garden. NO matter the size or nature of the job, E & M Local Waste Clearance always dispose of waste in a professional and environment-friendly manner.

Eco-Friendly Rubbish Removal

Making the waste we clear Eco-friendly is a lot more costly than simply dumping the waste at a landfill. However as we are dedicated to helping our planet we are proud to say that up to 90% of the waste, furniture and rubbish we clear are recycled.

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As an established property clearance company we have built a reputation on professional results time and time again. Years of industry experience mean we can keep our prices competitive, all our clearance staff are trained to understand the client’s requirements and offer consultation if any objects of value are listed for clearance.

Enviromentally friendly services

Being dedicated to helping sustain our environment is something we are passionate about, whilst in some cases, it can be impossible to recycle some of the waste we clear the majority is recycled and avoids landfill sites.

For a FREE house clearance, London consultation call us on 020 3519 0054 or Email the team at info@emlocalwasteclearance.co.uk.

We will arrange a convenient time to call at the site of the unwanted clutter and assess the size and cost of labour for the job.

About us

E & M Local Waste Clearance are a house clearance company based in Essex but service waste clearance services across London, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex and Kent. We will help you dispose of most objects and clutter at low prices all year round. The company originated from a sole trader background and with the extra mile attitude it was not long before E & M Waste Clearance grew in reputation and stature.

All of the staff at E & M Local Waste Clearance are vetted before employment and must have experience in the waste removal industry.

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