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We at E&M Local Waste Clearance take pride in our service, speed and efficiency and above all our customer care.

Please find below some frequently asked questions that we have received from our clients along with the responses from E&M Local Waste Clearance.

If you have a question and it isn’t in our list then please call us or drop us an email and we will respond as soon as we can. We take pride in what we do and want to make sure that we are satisfying each and every one of our customers.

Do we get a receipt from your company?

Yes. We give a detailed invoice of all the work undertaken with our company’s details and phone numbers.

Are you Environment Agency registered?

Yes. We are Environment Agency registered, we carry our registration card with us at all times and you can view our registration details on the certificate section of our website at any time.

What insurances does E&M Local Waste Clearance have?

We have full liability insurance, Environment Agency approved waste/rubbish carriers license (this gives us full permission to take your waste/rubbish and transport the rubbish to a registered Environment Agency landfill site), full road insurance that allows us to carry waste/rubbish and metal on our truck.

Do you provide a transfer note?

Yes. We give a waste transfer note to all customers that request this. All waste transfer notes are recorded in our files even if you don’t require a transfer note. This is required by law.

Is it better for me to send you some pictures for a quote?

Yes. you would receive a more realistic quote.

Should I send you a list of the rubbish/items i have that needs to be disposed of ?

You can fill our quote form at the top of the page with a description of the rubbish/furniture that needs to go. (example , 2 beds , 3 seater sofa. pots, pans, cooker. etc) this would help us in quoting you a no obligation quote.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the following areas , All of London, Kent, Essex

We have checked the postcodes you cover and would like to know if you can undertake some work in an area that is not mentioned?

Yes. Please email us with the full work to be undertaken, pictures and a full postcode for an accurate quote.

Can you come and do the job straight away?

This all depends on where and what jobs we are currently doing. If you need a job done as soon as possible we can come as late as 10 pm to get the work required completed for you.

Do you clear factories/offices?

Yes. We clear factories, offices, commercial properties , domestic properties , demolition work, renovations, conversions , lock-ups, garages and gardens.

We have a skip and still have loads more work to clear can you come and clear our skip and the remaining work?

Yes. We can come and remove the contents of your skip as well as the other rubbish you require to be cleared.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We are currently offering a 10% discount for all jobs undertaken on mentioning the offer on our website to us via phone or email.

Is your service cheaper than a skip?

Yes. We don’t need to charge you for a road permit , the fuel of dropping the skip to you and collection of the skip. We only charge you for the work we do and the weight or size of the rubbish to be taken away. This saves you time and money in waiting for a skip to be delivered and collected from you. It also saves you money on the cost of a road permit or the inconvenience of loading the skip and waiting for collection. We do all the work for you. We clear, load and remove the rubbish on the same day.

House Clearances London

There are many reasons why you may need to call us from untidy tenants to a messy garden. NO matter the size or nature of the job, E & M Local Waste Clearance always dispose of waste in a professional and environment-friendly manner.

Eco-Friendly Rubbish Removal

Making the waste we clear Eco-friendly is a lot more costly than simply dumping the waste at a landfill. However as we are dedicated to helping our planet we are proud to say that up to 90% of the waste, furniture and rubbish we clear are recycled.

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As an established property clearance company we have built a reputation on professional results time and time again. Years of industry experience mean we can keep our prices competitive, all our clearance staff are trained to understand the client’s requirements and offer consultation if any objects of value are listed for clearance.

Enviromentally friendly services

Being dedicated to helping sustain our environment is something we are passionate about, whilst in some cases, it can be impossible to recycle some of the waste we clear the majority is recycled and avoids landfill sites.

For a FREE house clearance, London consultation call us on 020 3519 0054 or Email the team at info@emlocalwasteclearance.co.uk.

We will arrange a convenient time to call at the site of the unwanted clutter and assess the size and cost of labour for the job.

About us

E & M Local Waste Clearance are a house clearance company based in Essex but service waste clearance services across London, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex and Kent. We will help you dispose of most objects and clutter at low prices all year round. The company originated from a sole trader background and with the extra mile attitude it was not long before E & M Waste Clearance grew in reputation and stature.

All of the staff at E & M Local Waste Clearance are vetted before employment and must have experience in the waste removal industry.

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